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THE RESTAURANT: popolo serves italian-inspired farm-to-table cuisine in a casual setting at the windham hotel in bellows falls, vt.

Well, we were pretty sure that we’d be ready to open in early March but life is full of mid-course corrections. We hired a new chef, a new sous chef, and others and could not be happier about our exciting future.

Our plan is now to open at the end of March and we’ll offer more info soon.

There will be all new menus and a crisp new direction and also a renewed sense of purpose, focusing on the bounty of Vermont and the wonder of food made from passion and mission.

Get ready, people. While we’re away, visit the many great restaurants in the region. We’d like to help build a culture of dining in the area because we are blessed with great growers, brewers, vintners, cheesemakers, foragers and, yes, restaurateurs. And also the nicest people with whom you’ll ever go to dinner. Oh, and spring is coming. Please stay tuned.


in the summer of 2016 we embraced a new goal: to guarantee that all our employees earn enough to live. we’re doing this by adding a charge to each customer’s bill in the amount of 6% of their purchases. we call this charge the “living wage adjustment.”

we’ve done the math and this is what it will take to make sure everyone gets a living wage. though we may not be the first to do this, it’s still a novel concept to change the structure of billing. you can learn more about this strategy in the restaurant, where materials are available and also read our press release here .

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Italian-inspired, farm-to-table cuisine
Popolo Means People