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THE RESTAURANT: popolo serves italian-inspired farm-to-table cuisine in a casual setting at the windham hotel in bellows falls, vt.

we work to create a varied and affordable menu using mostly locally-sourced ingredients. we’re proud of our exciting drink and wine list. in addition to delicious food, we promote a wide variety of events including concerts, movies, and parties. lately, when asked what sort of cuisine we serve, we’ve been saying “italian-inspired neo-rustic” but what’s important to know is that our dishes are all prepared fresh in our kitchen. no meal comes frozen on a truck, which is the stock in trade of so many restaurants. our sauces are made from scratch, and our vegetables are cut by hand from the freshest produce around.


in the summer of 2016 we embraced a new goal: to guarantee that all our employees earn enough to live. we’re doing this by adding a charge to each customer’s bill in the amount of 6% of their purchases. we call this charge the “living wage adjustment.”

we’ve done the math and this is what it will take to make sure everyone gets a living wage. though we may not be the first to do this, it’s still a novel concept to change the structure of billing. you can learn more about this strategy in the restaurant, where materials are available and also read our press release here .

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    Gurf Morlix


    Famed producer releases tenth studio album, “Impossible Blue”

    “I was always writing songs, since I was a teen, but I probably wrote 200 songs before I wrote a really good one,” Morlix insists. “For me, it was a tough code to crack.”

    Nevermind the fact that his perspective on the matter was inevitably skewed by his years of working with such grading-curve-blowing talents as Blaze Foley, Lucinda Williams, Butch Hancock, Robert Earl Keen, Mary Gauthier, and Ray Wylie Hubbard: a high bar is a high bar, and Morlix, for all of his famed minimalist aesthetic both onstage and in the studio, has never been one to cut corners when it comes to quality.

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Italian-inspired, farm-to-table cuisine
Popolo Means People