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Peter Mulvey is working on his thousandth album, all of which are good. He’s been known to collaborate in the past and really he doesn’t need to. But it seems he enjoys it, finding new musical inspiration in the styles he adopts depending on what the tunes call for, with whom he’s making them, or just how he’s growing up. If you follow his Facebook page you already know the new tracks he’s working on are produced by Ani DiFranco and, apparently, she’s overdubbing toy piano and xylophone, among other things. Rumor has it that Peter might introduce some of these songs to the fans in Bellows Falls on Friday, March 11, where he’s on a bill at the Windham Ballroom with Northampton’s guitar fiend Pamela Means. Means is a transplant to Northampton from the midwest, whence Peter hails, and between the two of them there’s more chops than at a blackbelt Karate competition.

Peter’s last album, Silver Ladder, kept him on the road for a couple years during which time he wrote the influential and globally augmented Take Down Your Flag about South Carolina’s confederate flag. Many musicians recorded the song and contributed verses and YouTube is awash with participants. One of them was Pamela Means, the firey guitar player, singer, and songwriter – and incidentally, a friend of Mulvey’s – whom you’ll get to see on Friday, March 11, as well.

Mr. Mulvey has played here at the Windham several times over the last fifteen years – even back when we just had the little listening room in the hotel lobby. We’re always happy to see how he stays current while retaining the same warm and captivating presence on stage. We hope you might make it down for the show. Doors are at 8:00pm and the show starts at 8:30. Be sure to make a dinner reservation early if dining’s your thing. We recommend reservations between 5 and 6:30 to make the
show after a leisurely meal. Tickets for Mr. Mulvey and Ms. Means are $24 in advance and $28 on the day of the show. All at popolomeanspeople.com


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