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The Kennedys
Saturday, August 16, 2014 from 8:30 PM - 10:30 PM
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My friends tell me that a Kennedys’ show is the cure for whatever ails you; there’s something infectious in the couple’s way of engaging an audience that repairs decades of jaded living, reminds you of the joy that music brings, and convinces you that people ain’t so bad after all. If this is true, I’m going to chain myself to a chair at the Windham Ballroom and let it be done to me.

Music Matters, an online grab bag of music reviews, spent some time saying this, “Their live performances are not only displays of musical harmony, but personal harmony as well. You can hear it in the humorous, good-natured patter between songs. You can see it in their body language as they somehow find a way to touch as they play (without bonking guitars).”

And here’s this from the band’s website, “In a career that now spans two decades, New York duo Pete and Maura Kennedy have traversed a broad musical landscape, surveying power pop, acoustic songwriting, organic rock rooted in their early days in Austin, and a Byrds-inspired jangle that drew the attention of Roger McGuinn, Steve Earle, and most notably Nanci Griffith. The duo co-produced Nanci’s latest CD.

On their own recent release, “Closer Than You Know,” the songs have a quality, inherent in Maura’s voice, that is both soothing and urgent. As writers and producers, the Kennedys continue to mature, from their early style-conscious pop to today’s burnished sheen. Always tuned to their own muse, Pete and Maura have once again come up with a unique sound that is as uplifting as it is unclassifiable.”

The All Music Guide didn’t hear their music as unclassifiable when they wrote, the Kennedys “are one of the most compelling acts on the contemporary folk scene.”

You can go see for yourself: there’s a trove of live stuff on youtube. My survey shows these guys as charming and talented and perfect for our room. We were lucky to hijack them on their way to a layover at the Summer Acoustic Music Week in Center Harbor.

I’m willing to bet there are loads of people who will read this who have seen The Kennedys. For whatever reason it seems the duo may never yet have played in Bellows Falls which is just one of the reasons you should find your way to the Windham Ballroom on Saturday August 16.

Surely we all need the cure.


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