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Popolo provides high quality professional service and first rate, carefully sourced cuisine to a broad group of diners. Doctors and lawyers sit beside laborers and service staff, families sit beside teenagers on a date, someone’s grandmother sits with the tattooed hipsters. We need to help them all have a great experience no matter where they’re coming from and where they’re going.

In addition to serving dinner and lunch we also promote concerts, movies, parties, and private functions like weddings and other special occasions both onsite and offsite. This variety of service and divergence of clientèle makes for a constant ebb and flow in our need for help. We strive to maintain a unified team with whom we are in regular and worthwhile contact. In a perfect world, this would be the most stable and friendly place we all spent time.

We’re attempting to build a team with whom we can provide all the aspects of what Popolo does in our community. Submitting your resumé may not yield an immediate position but we will keep your info on file and call you when something opens up. Arriving at the restaurant for an interview without an appointment almost never works to your advantage and it’s particularly discourteous during service hours of 11:30-2:30pm and 5:00-closing when everyone’s paying attention to dinner service.

Below are some of the positions for which we regularly employee new staff. In all cases we ask for a resumé but, when necessary, we have application forms available in the restaurant and online, here.

We welcome your questions and are happy to train new employees for positions on our roster. Really what we want are the right people and we can help get them in the right jobs.

Please send your resumé and cover letter or any questions to info@popolo.us.

front of house manager

The Front of House Manager is the principal public face of our restaurant and helps us protect and develop the best relations with our customers. Equally important is the nurturing of teamwork not only among the Front of House staff but between that staff and our kitchen wunderkinds.


Popolo’s bartenders should be experienced at their craft, passionate about mixology, able multitaskers, and ultimately convivial.

line cook / sous chef

We’re looking for skilled, motivated people with strong cooking fundamentals, a creative urge, and team spirit. This can be a full-time position for the right person.

dish washer & prep cook

Dishwasher / Prep Cook is an entry level position. It’s hard work but not like, say, coal mining. It’s something of an athletic experience, done to the tunes playing in the kitchen.


Bussers at Popolo provide important service to our customers and invaluable support to our servers and bartenders. In addition to setting and clearing tables, bussers interact with our diners and are a vital part of the social fabric we create.

Head Chef

From time to time our head chef’s position becomes available. It’s life. People move on, people have lives that need living. We find it wise to collect demonstrations of interest so we’re not caught off guard. Consequently, we’re posting the general thrust of the position though we expect the position to be in part defined by the applicant. Here’s the bulk of it.

Opened in 2012, Popolo is a community restaurant serving Italian-inspired farm-to-table cuisine. Started with many small shareholders we consider among our goals the rejuvenation of the village and the improvement of the region’s dining options. Employee-friendly and socially conscious we initiated our Living Wage policy in 2016 to guarantee everyone on our team at least $15/hour. We currently have around 20 employees and serve more than 20,000 meals annually.

We always want to work with an inspired and experienced professional, someone who is anxious to make a mark on the culinary culture of the area. With a reasonable understanding of the market that person will be given broad creative control of the menu but you’ll be asked to participate in the health of the restaurant by strict adherence to cost of goods, kitchen staff management, waste, and the sanitary maintenance of our kitchen. Ownership opportunities may be available for the right person. But mostly you need to enjoy what you’re doing, work well with others, and expect to make us the best restaurant in the area – and that’s a tough job.

We’ll work to your strengths and hope you will work with ours. Conceived as an events driven experience, we enjoy special menus, locally-sourced ingredients, the engagement of local artisans, farmers, and brewers, and a real flair for the beauty of presentation and the wonder of flavor. We’ve made real progress in building good will in our community and believe our audience has come to expect consistency in the quality of our food and service.

We’re looking for a career-minded person for whom this is a life-style, not a job, and we hope to find someone who enjoys contributing his or her talent to an ongoing enterprise. The potential for growth is based on your willingness to participate in the possibilities. You should have significant experience in fine dining and a true affinity for hospitality and service. Confidence but not braggadocio, congeniality with humility, and, for crying out loud, we believe this can be serious and fun at the same time. We’re anything but stuffy but equally we expect to hold our heads high.

The full scope of the position can be assessed in an interview – even if we’re not hiring at the moment. We ask that you demonstrate your qualifications with a cover letter and resumé that show us why you’d be a good fit here. You can learn about Popolo by reviewing our website and our Facebook page.

We believe our salaries are competitive with executive chefs at much fancier and faster paced restaurants in much bigger cities.
There’s a longer, bullet-pointed set of responsibilities we can supply if you’re truly interested.

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