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    Kate Lorenz
      Wednesday, February 7, 2018
      7:00 PM at Popolo Restaurant

    We at Popolo know Kate Lorenz through her band, Rusty Belle, a soup to nuts home cooked bacchanal that even the smartypants Utne Reader says “is difficult to pigeonhole.” Kate has several side jobs, though, and one of them is playing with the band The Constellations with
    whom she’s made a new record with the curious title, “Slidetackle Into Your Heart.”

    In full disclosure, I’ve only heard one song and it’s called, not surprisingly, Slidetackle Into Your
    Heart. It’s a classic 1-4-5 thing but I gotta admit it’s fun, solo and all. Until I’m told otherwise I’m going to assume the rest of the record is fun and brazenly simple, too, complete with dangerously confident cartwheels and oddly familiar foam outfits in a fashionable shade of red.

    The other thing is that Kate’s a local girl with strong ties to Chester and that is even more incentive to come see her. Plus, I think the album title is a promise. Or a threat. Be ready.

    Wednesday, February 7, doors are at 7:00, show’s at 8:00 but you should come in, have a burger and a Pabst, and take in a rock show. Prove to yourself that you’re young enough to
    go out and have some fun on a Wednesday. You’ve earned it and so has Kate Lorenz and her Constellations.

    Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door and can be purchased on this page. Scroll up.




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