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It’s not a big store but we can offer two things:

1. A Popolo Tee Shirt

This ain’t no sweatshop tee. This shirt is made from cotton grown, spun, woven, sewn, and printed in North Carolina. Believe it or not, this is as local as you can get in the tee shirt world. There are plenty of shirts printed around here but mostly they’re made somewhere far away where terrible things happen in the name of American merchandise. If you want, we can give you the phone number of the people responsible for creating this product which is, as they say, “dirt to shirt.”

You’ve been to the restaurant and want to tell people how good it is? Wear this shirt. Or, if you hate it here you can buy one and deface it. That seems a bit extreme but, whatever, it’s your shirt.

The men’s cut is shown here. The women’s cut is more delicate with a lower scoop neck and a slightly more feminine appeal. We’re not telling you what to buy – the world is big enough for all of us. Popolo means people.


Gender / Size


2. A Popolo gift card

You live far away but would like to take care of your friends in the area? You have employees in the region you’d love to reward? You’d like to actually come here yourself so you give this to a friend you know will bring you? The Popolo gift card buys food, cocktails, music, and movies so it’s more than a dine-out card, it’s an invitation to adventure.

We add a couple bucks for shipping and handling and it comes in our embossed envelope and gift card holder. If you purchase a $100 card you can have it gift-wrapped in a white box with ribbons in the Popolo colors. We mail it USPS priority and for all this we add $12.00. Be sure to enter the correct shipping address when ordering.


Card Options

[sorry…no gift cards until we’re open again.]

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